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Falun Gong's Attitudes on Freedom of Speech, Public Interests and Human Rights

2008-11-14 Source:Kaiwind Auteur:China Association for Cultic Studies

Falun Gong's Attitudes on Freedom of Speech, Public Interests and Human Rights


There exists such an organization that claims itself to be a cultivation practice group but the members of which attack other people and organizations that hold different opinions from them in a shameless manner of mobbing besieges and lodging excessive lawsuits against them. The members are so unreasonably sensitive that a piece of criticism even the gentlest would be deemed as an offensive like a red rag to a bull. They attack civilian satellites, sabotage public communications, jam the Net with junk e-mails, harass people by phone calls, and scrawl vicious slogans on bank notes. They believe that illness results from Karma instead of pathologic changes and the sole effective medicine to cure the disease is to do cultivation practice. As a result they totally deny medical help even when they fall critically ill. Further more, they take self-killing as "ascending to paradise with Consummation," and killing others as "eradicating demons and saving sentient beings," bringing about a considerable number of deaths/…It is called Falun Gong, an organization that has been banned as a cult by the Chinese Government according to law.

This book, by analyzing Li Hongzhi's personal remarks and demonstrating typical cases concerned, reveals the attitude of Falun Gong toward issues like freedom of speech, human rights and public interests etc, in an attempt to give a hand to people as well as organizations that keep a close look over Falun Gong.


Chapter 1: Shut Up All of You! /– Issue on Freedom of Speech

Chapter 2: Harassment Goes Everywhere /– Infringement of Public Interests by Falun Gong

Chapter 3: Disease or Karma

3.1 Medical helps are rejected by Falun Gong followers

3. 2 Why Falun Gong practitioners refuse medical help

3.3 Endless sufferings from "removing Karma"

3.4 Li Hongzhi's explanations to the deaths of his faithful disciples

3.5 Li Hongzhi takes medicine instead of taking a chance

Chapter 4: Is Human Life Still Priceless

4.1 Falun Gong Led Its Followers to Suicide

4.2 Falun Gong led its followers to homicide

4.3 Repayment for Falun Gong Practitioners' Suicide and Homicide

4.4 Experts' view on Falun Gong practitioners' suicide and homicide

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