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Studies on Fraudulence of Falun Gong's "Consummation"

2008-11-14 Source:Kaiwind Auteur:China Association for Cultic Studies

Studies on Fraudulence of Falun Gong's "Consummation"


Among the Falun Gong teachings, "Consummation" is the most tempting and cheating aim. In order to achieve "Consummation," some Falun Gong disciples abandon their family and possessions, and even lost their lives. Some disciples venture themselves by challenging laws and confronting the society, committing themselves to crimes and badly endangered themselves, their families as well as the whole society. In this book, we study the definition, manner, result, time, etc., to help readers know about what the "Consummation" promised by Li Hongzhi, the intiator of Falun Gong exactly is, therefore to unveil the fraudulence of the said "Consummation" of Falun Gong. Different "miracle" stories preached by Falun Gong actually corroborate the preposterousness of the "miracles" like "Consummation." The book provides reference materials to people and research institution that concern Falun Gong issues.


Part Ⅰ What is "Consummation" Promised by Li Hongzhi

Chapter 1 Major Dissertations of Li Hongzhi Regarding "Consummation"

1.1 "Consummation" may make people get away from the Earth, get rid of sufferings, go back to the "heavenly paradises" and stay in happiness forever

1.2 "Consummation" will make "human body be substituted by high-energy matter," therefore one may live forever and never grow old, and his body "will be indestructible"

1.3 "consummation" means one may "have anything he wants," and become an omnipotent "buddha, dao, god"

Chapter 2 Methods to Achieve "Consummation"

2.1 "Consummation by eliminating karma and purifying"

2.2 "Consummation by dropping out fame, interest and emotion"

2.3 "Consummation by abstinence"

2.4 "Consummation by bearching inside and eliminating attachments"

2.5 "Consummation by dropping life and death"

2.6 "Consummation by saving sentient beings from sufferings"

2.7 "Consummation by eliminating demons and evil souls"

Chapter 3 Results of "Consummation"

3.1 "Soul ascension" after "Consummation"

3.2 "Ascension in broad daylight" after "Consummation"

3.3 "Consummation" enables one to see the beautiful scene of "another space"

Chapter 4 Time of "Consummation"

4.1 During his first "show," Li Hongzhi had not ascertained time for "Consummation"

4.2 "Consummation by two-year cultivation"

4.3 "The chance to reach the final Consummation"

4.4 "Consummation by ten years cultivation"

4.5 Li Hongzhi shifts from "Personal Consummation" to "Common Consummation by rescuing beings"

4.6 Allegation of Li Hongzhi about the time of "Consummation"


Appendix Individual Cases

Part Ⅱ The "Miracle" Stories Advocated by Falun Gong

Chapter 1 Various "Miracles" Made up by Falun Gong

1.1 Li Hongzhi apotheosizes himself and Falun Gong

1.2 Falun Gong can surely cure all diseases

1.3 Falun Gong can keep you safe and sound

1.4 Falun Gong omnipotent

1.5 Rejuvenation

1.6 Cursing people and organizations in disapproval of Falun Gong

Chapter 2 Why Falun Gong Crazy about Making up "Miracles"

2.1 Features of Falun Gong "miracles"

2.2. Falun Gong's intention for advocating absurd "miracles"


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