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Ethical Thoughts on Teachings of Falun Gong

2008-11-14 Source:Kaiwind Auteur:China Association for Cultic Studies

Ethical Thoughts on Teachings of Falun Gong


Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government according to applicable laws in July 1999 but gained some supports in several western countries and regions. Apart from political elements, the incomprehension on Falun Gong is an important reason why they support the much controversial organization. In order to help the public to have a comprehensive understanding on Falun Gong, and for the reference of people interested in and research institutes studying Falun Gong, we provide the general introduction on Falun Gong, its relationship with religion, as well as its opinions on families, on homosexuality and on mix-blood, demonstrating from different aspects the conflicts and the clash between the teachings of Falun Gong and ethics and moralities advocated in modern society.


Chapter 1: Falun Gong and its Origins

Chapter 2: Conflicts between Falun Gong Teachings and Western Moral & Ethic Principles
2.1 Remarks of Li Hongzhi on Homosexuality
2.2 Li Hongzhi's Racial Discrimination Remarks
2.3 Li Hongzhi's Idea on Aliens
2.4 How Does Li Hongzhi Treat the Disabled
2.5 How Does Li Hongzhi Treat War and Natural Disaster
2.6 How Does Li Hongzhi Treat Charities

Chapter 3: Religious Topics Arising from Falun Gong
3.1 Is Falun Gong a Religion?
3.2 Li Hongzhi's View on Religion
3.3 Religious Circles Boycott Falun Gong, Calling It a Cult
3.4 Expert and Scholar's Point of View on Falun Gong
3.5 Legal Status of Falun Gong Groups
3.6 Falun Gong Becomes a Political Tool Increasingly

Chapter 4: How Falun Gong Treat Family
4.1 Li Hongzhi Induces Practitioners to Despise and to Be Away from Families
4.1.1 Human society is but the garbage dump, and cultivator is no longer human
4.1.2 There's no real relatives in the human world and your real parents are in the universe
4.1.3 The affection entangles your cultivation and prevents you from reaching Consummati
4.1.4 To replace affection with benevolence, your families will be blessed in the paradise
4.1.5 One is allowed to kill relatives in order to remove devils and to save people
4.2 Falun Gong on Parents, Spouse, and Children
4.2.1 Falun Gong on parents
4.2.2 Falun Gong on spouse
4.2.3 Falun Gong on children
4.3 Experts and Scholars on Falun Gong Destroying Families
4.3.1 Chinese experts and scholars on Falun Gong harming families
4.3.2 Foreign experts and scholars on Falun Gong harming families

Appendix: Individual Cases
Case 1: Falun Gong Ruins My Whole Family
Case 2: Male-Female Dual Cultivation Spoils Her Happiness
Case 3: Li Hongzhi Destroys My Family Completely
Case 4: Falun Gong Ruins My Family
Case 5: Falun Gong almost Makes Me Isolated from All My Relatives and Friends
Case 6: Falun Gong Deprives Me of the Last Chance to Requite My Mother
Case 7: Falun Gong Changes Me into an Inhuman Puppet

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